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Be Faster

Be Faster is the best, old-school game. The game demands quick reaction capability, dexterity, agility, hair-trigger reaction in any situation and the ability to think strategically. The game engages the player from the first seconds and gives a storm of emotions. Nostalgia, a great deal of enjoyment and lots of fun are guaranteed!

Counting sheep

The game "Counting sheep" allows people suffering from insomnia or after having a restless day to plunge into the world of dreams faster. Sheep run on the screen and you can hear nice soothing background music. After expiring time of counter the words "good night" are displayed and the screen goes out. Simple as all ingenious.


Kill beetles which try to run over the bottom of screen. Crush them! Attention and accuracy – that’s all you need. You’ll get a lot of fun. Game is simple and clear even for children.

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